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Why Do You Keep Struggling?

Imagine you have a curse of struggling in your internet marketing business. No matter how hard you try, it always seems like you are doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision.

It does not matter it is SEO, article marketing, PPC, or social media that you are doing; the kiss of death always visit your business project.

You feel like you are banging your head at the wall again and again. It is so painful!

Then you try harder…

You still cannot breakthrough that wall even you have tried EVERYTHING.

Probably, you have these ‘curses’ placed on yourself.

Curse #1 – Overcomplicated everything

If you are the kind of person that you want to know EVERYTHING about the subject before lifting your finger to do it, then it is very likely you are overcomplicating everything in your internet marketing business. Think back what your learning style is.

Are you endlessly searching for more information on a particular subject like SEO, PPC, or social media? You keep downloading more ebooks even you still have many sitting at your hard drive for you to read. Your goal is to become the ‘expert’ in that area before starting doing anything.

I tell you it is like learning how to swim by reading as many books as you can about swimming. Not matter how knowledgeable you are about swimming intellectually, you can’t swim in the water until you do it physically.

Are you doing anything similar in your internet marketing business?

Curse #2 – Overwhelming yourself

This curse is a kind of stemmed from the curse #1. It is because you are going through the wrong path. That is the inefficient way of doing things. In order to get to your goal faster, you slam on the gas pedal harder. However, you don’t realize you have another foot stepped on the brake that slows you down by overcomplicating everything.

Most of the time, you are so exhausted in the mid way and just give up. Or very likely, you just jump to another internet business project. So you may jump from SEO to PPC to Social Media to JV to whatever the latest trend on the market.

You find yourself wasted a lot of unnecessary time and energy to achieve your goal. You are already very exhausted…if you can reach your goal at all.

Curse #3 – Ignore your personality type

Every person has his or her individual personality style. Some people are extrovert who likes to surround themselves by people. Others are introvert who perform better by working quietly in the isolated environment.

Some people tend to make decision based on data analysis while others would mainly make their choice by connecting how they feel at that moment. Some people are very good at writing. Others are good at design or packaging.

When you know your personality type, you will see what are your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Focus on your strengths. Don’t try to improve every one of your weakness. Even though we may be able to improve a lot of our weaknesses, we still cannot do everything by ourselves.

Peter Drucker said ‘Do what you do best and outsource the rest’.

In order to become an expert, the best bet is to find our strength and work on it day after day until we become one.

Curse #4 – All by yourself

You think you can get to the top by yourself. You feel like you are the iron man or wonder woman that you are bullet proof. You think you are smart enough to figure out everything by yourself. You feel you don’t need any support no matter intellectually or emotionally from other people because you think you can get through all the tough challenge.

Well, the above could be true for you. But the fact is I could not find any successful person can go to the top all by himself or herself. Ask yourself you want to go the short route with the support from other people or the long route (perhaps the dead end route) all by yourself?

Albert Einstein said we have to rise above our current problem to solve our problem. That is you have to become a bigger you in order to solve your problem.

First, you need to realize what exactly is your current problem…in doing internet marketing business. I know it sounds common sense. But you really need to find out where is your enemy in order to terminate it.

How you do anything is how you do everything. – T. Harv Eker

If you find yourself struggling in your internet marketing because you keep doing your internet marketing business in the same old same old way, it is a clear sign that you need to break your current pattern in doing things. Don’t keep banging your head at the wall again and again. There are always better ways of doing anything.

If you are in the internet marketing business long enough, you have already heard many times ‘the money is the list and your relationship with it’. Many people are enjoying the internet lifestyle because they have built a good size of list.

Are you using the old and hard way to build list? Check out this unique way of list building if you want to breakthrough the wall and start to make money quickly. Go here now!

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