Unusual Internet Marketing Tips to Breakthrough Online Success

Why do we keep seeing the successful internet marketers making one breakthrough after another in their business?

Have you wondered what are their best kept secrets?

Despite they have best mentors, coaches, mastermind members, strategic partners, and great workers; they always have one thing in common.

They always measure their performance and then IMPROVE it continuously.

In Japanese, there is a word ‘Kaizen’


In simple term, it means the unending constant improvement.

If you want to keep making one breakthrough after another, you need to have a system to measure your personal and business performance.

While everything being equal, measurement alone can improve the performance. That is how the athletics become the superstars by coaching.

You can be an internet marketing superstar by going this path: perform, measure, review, and improve.

Doing is just a mere of act if you do not direct your actions toward your goal.

Do you know your numbers?

If you have been a member here long enough, you know I would recommend to use The Goal Setting Worksheet For Internet Marketers.

I know it is not easy to measure all the business metrics.

But we got to start with something, right?

Motion always beat meditation. – a wise man said.

Recently I need to research some internet marketing tools to measure my site performance.

I was shocked when I see the statistics after I did a check up on my site.

There are so many parameters in the report that indicate I need to improve my site.

Feel free to check out the report about the performance of my site:


I hope you see the power of measurement now.

If you are looking for the best tools to measure your online business performance, I have 2 internet marketing tools for you:

Google Analytics

This is the tool most people would heard of. It is a very powerful tool to use. If you have a WordPress blog, it is very simple to install with a Google Analytics plugin like ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’.

I use it to measure the traffic source, optin rate, the top viewing page, and the keyword phrase people entered in search engine to find my site. Yes it is a very helpful tool to collect information to measure and improve my SEO effort.

Piwik (Piwik.org)

Piwik is an alternative solution to Google Analytics. It is downloadable open source software. It is very easy to install yourself or hire a worker with basic php skills.

The advantage of using Piwik is you can collect real time data and create real time report. You keep the data in your server rather than a 3rd party like Google.

Once you have this kind of measurement tool running, they are doing their measurement job for you day after day.

Check it once a week to see the metrics you are building. Get a feel where your business is heading in terms of the growth of new traffic, optin, and sales.

Ask yourself how you can improve those metrics.

Think about what did you learn during the week that you can do to improve those metrics.

Write down them and make them your to-do items for next week.

Find out what works. Keep doing more of them. And find out more new things to test on your business.

Over a period of time when you look back, you will discover this is how you make one breakthrough after another in your internet marketing business.

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