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Unleash The Power of Internet Marketing Research Tools – Part 1 (Blog Writing Research)

Are you using the right internet marketing research tools to get an edge in your internet marketing business?

Please pay attend if you do the following research tasks regularly: finding great writing ideas, coming up with killer headline for email or blog post, getting the best books to learn for your business, doing keyword research for SEO planning, or spying what sites are people visiting in your niche?

I will share how I perform the above crucial research using different Free internet marketing tools.

First, if I am in a hurry to come up with writing ideas and killer headline or subject line, I simply go to my Google Reader account to get some refresh idea. There many great marketers sharing valuable information at their for free. Are you tapping into this wonderful resources?

I have subscribed to the blogs of many top notch marketers like Terry Dean, Mark Handericks, Ray Edwards, Michael Fortin, Matt Furey, Clayton Makepeace, and many more. Each of them have been writing powerful marketing wisdom for years. If you subscribed to their blog, you will find have tons of valuable information in your Google Reader.

The power of Google Reader is you can tag each RSS feed with categories. And you can have multiple tags on a single feed.
Usually, I put different marketers into different categories. You can do that under the feed settings. I have the categories like copywriting, SEO, production creation, and traffic generation.

To let me quickly scan through the RSS feed, I use the ‘List’ view that shows only the headline with a little desciption. It just look like a Google SERP search result.

When I want to immediately get some great ideas about writing my blog post, I would look at the copywriting category to quickly go through what are the great copywriters talked about. They are the best people on the planet to create killer content. After all , that is what people pay them for, right?

And I can go back to their posts 1 year or 2 ago. Of course don’t be a copy cat, the goal here is to simulate our brains and let our brains to come up with some great ideas naturally and spontaneously. I found I can write better when I can connect with some topic ideas I really want to talk about. I am really looking for that connection when doing the research.

Another killer application at Google Reader is to scan their headlines and look for those really grab your attention. With the list view at Google Reader, you can do that easily. Again, don’t copy their headline. Learn how the best copywriters to come with attention grabbing headline.

Take their powerful ideas to come with your unique headline. You can save the headline ideas in your swipe file too.Using just this simple technique, you can easily and quickly come up with a powerful headline within minutes.

Ok, I make this post short so that you can start implementing this internet marketing research tool ideas into your business. If you are new to Google Reader, check out this official Google Reader Tutorial site with videos showing you how to use it effectively: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvKFP67GwSY

Next, I will talk about how to find the best books to learn for your business.

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