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Unleash The Power of Internet Marketing Research Tools – Part 3 (Keyword Research)

Today, I will share with you how to use one of the most popular internet marketing research tools – Google Keyword Tool.

With my SIMPLE method, you can come up with thousands of keyword phrase to target for SEO purpose quickly. And you can easily find the low hanging fruits to knock down immediately.

You can use the keyword phrase for article marketing, blog post title, social bookmarking, and anchor text for various backlink buildings.

To use Google Keyword Tool, we go to:


#1 – Find your main keyword phrase
Let’s say we are in the weight loss niche. And after the initial keyword research, we would like to target the keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’ to rank on the page one of Google. Keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’ is a great main keyword to go after because it has a global monthly search of 201,000. And if you see the Google search result of that keyword phrase, you find several sites without using the exact keyword phrase in the title. Furthermore, many sites has a PR#3 or less. There are still SEO opportunity to go in and get listed on page one.

#2 – Get the first 100 related keyword phrases
Once we decide the main keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’, we can get the first list of keyword phrase from Google. Clear the previous search result and put in the keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’ in the Google Keyword Tool. Now Google Keyword Tool gives you the first 100 keyword phrase related to your main keyword. Download all 100 keyword phrase, and we compile a bigger keyword list later.

#3 – Find more longtail keyword phrases
Google has a fantastic tool – Google Wonder Wheel to come with more related keyword phrases. This internet marketing research tool is important because this is how Google matches other related keyword phrases with your main target keyword phrase.

In the Google natural search result page, you enter your main keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’ and hit search. you will see Wonder Wheel on the left hand column. Click that link, Google will bring you to the Wonder Wheel page. On that page, you will find eight additional related keyword phrase categories linked to your main target keyword phrase.

Here are the Wonder Wheel result:

- weight loss supplements with ephedra

- weight loss pills

- hydroxycut

- natural weight loss supplements

- weight loss supplements review

- gnc

- slimquick

- alli

This is the first tier of keyword phrase generated by the Wonder Wheel. Actually, you can go deeper one level to branch out more longtail keyword phrases by clicking each of the keyword phrase. But now, let’s play around these 8 keyword phrases.

To come up with a list of longtail phrase in the category ‘weight loss supplements with ephedra’, I would go back to the Google Keyword Tool and plug in the category keyword phrase. Then after hitting search, Google will come with a list of 100 longtail keyword phrases in this keyword phrase category. We save this 100 keyword phrase by hitting the download button.

By the same token, we plug in each of the 7 category keyword phrases into Google Keyword Tool and come up with another 700 longtail keyword phrases. With the first 100 keyword phrases generated from the main target keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’, we have a list of 900 keyword phrases very quickly.

#4 – Find thousands of longtail keyword phrases
To expand the keyword list further, go to Wonder Wheel again. First, you can dig deeper to the second tier. After you have exhausted the second tier, you can go deeper to the third tier if you like. Use each of these keyword phrases to come up with a list of 100 keyword phrases at Google Keyword Tool. You then will have thousands and thousands of keyword phrases.

If you still want to find more keyword phrases, go to Wonder Wheel and spin out other keyword phrases. Wonder Wheel will give you different keyword phrase each time.

#5 – Compile a master keyword list
With the entire keyword list you download from Google, you copy and paste them into one BIG master keyword list. In the file you download from Google Keyword Tool, you have other important data like Global Monthly Search Volume and Competition. Those are two very useful data to find your low hanging fruit keyword phrases.

#6 – Identify the low hanging fruits

In the SEO game, our first goal is to get ranked with the low hanging fruits first and then knock down the keyword phrases with higher competition and search volume.

Open your master keyword list. Then we sort the keyword list in the order of global monthly search volume. Highlight those keyword phrases from 3,000 searches per month down to 100 searches per month. Next, among these highlighted keyword phrases, find those with competition less than 1. Those are the first batch of low hanging fruits you would like to target.

In the SEO game, first we win the battle in the low hanging fruit keyword phrases. And then we work our way up to those higher competition keyword phrases. As we work our way up on each of these keyword phrases, eventually we knock down our main target keyword phrase ‘weight loss supplements’.

This SIMPLE method to come up with your keyword phrases should save you a lot of detour. Use the time saved to work on your article submission, blog post, press release, social bookmarking, and backlink building. Happy SEO building!

This part 3 concluded the blog post series ‘Unleash The Power Of Internet Marketing Research Tools’ for now. In the future, I will share with you more other powerful internet marketing research tools

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3 Responses to “Unleash The Power of Internet Marketing Research Tools – Part 3 (Keyword Research)”

  1. Darren L Carter Says:

    Hey, really good post on getting keywords. This is an area that I really overlook a lot of times so this was a pretty informative post for me. Thanks!

    Darren L Carter

  2. Frank Lee Says:

    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for your comment.

    It will take you about 30 minutes to get hundreds of low hanging fruit keyword phrases.

    I love to see you to create more great content and traffic with those keywords.

    Let us know what happen :-)


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