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The Ugly Truth About Internet Marketing For Beginners

There are simple truths to succeed in internet marketing for beginners.

The more you sweat, the luckier you get" – Ray Kroc

But most beginners hate to see the truth because it is ugly on the outside.

It is ugly to accept at first like looking an unpolished diamond.

Most people don’t see the value of an unpolished diamond and would look for the ‘beautiful’ one.

People like to jump on those "one-push-button" money making system floating around the internet.

Seldom people are willing to roll up the sleeves and knock down the hard works that the successful people do everyday.

Let’s dive in the truth.

How much money you can generate is directly proportional to how big the problem you can solve.

Look at Donald Trump.

He is a billionaire. But he almost bankrupt at one point.

He was able to bounce back from below zero.

It is evident he can generate a lots of money for himself (not by having a silver spoon in his mouth).

Do you think you have the ability to handle Donald Trump’s daily problem like he does in his business?

Please spend a minute to ask that question yourself honestly.

To generate money like Donald Trump, you got to have the ability like Donald Trump.

Many people would like to have the wealth like Trump’s.

But I know most people would not like to work as hard as Donald Trump.

If you want to be successful in internet marketing, you got to have the ability and character traits like the successful marketers.

Here are 5 simple ways to build the successful character in internet marketing for beginners:
#1 – Don’t take your eyes off your goal

Obstacle is what you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Zig Ziglar

You would see problem, headache, pain, and trouble if you take your eyes off your goal.

I am NOT talking about using positive affirmations to hypnotize yourself there is no challenges and problems.

Our mind is like a bio search engine. We see more information related to the idea we put up in our mind.

If we focusing on ‘how to attain our goal’, rather than thinking ‘why this is not working’; we see more ideas to related to the first one not the second.

If you have not set your goal in in internet marketing business, check out The Goal Setting Worksheet For Internet Marketers.

#2 – Measurement improves performance
In the coaching business or athletics world, the measurement is the fundamental for improving any performance.

If no extra hard work or training is executed by the client / athlete, measurement alone can lead to improvement

Benjamin Franklin has developed a system to measure his character traits improvement every week.

Track your internet marketing business activity. Measure yourself regularly.

Measure the time required for your article writing, blog post, product creation, market research, checking email, and other activities.

Find out how profitable each activity can yield in your business.

Improve the money making power measured by hour in each activity.

For example, if you spend an hour to write 3 short articles and submit to the article directory.

And you can also write a longer article in an hour to submit for guest post.

Measure how much traffic and sales you can generate in each activity.

By focusing more on the higher yield activity, you can boost your internet marketing business almost instantly.

#3 -  Speed of implementation
Almost all internet marketers would overwhelmed by the massive amount of knowledge and tactics to absorb in internet marketing at one point or the other.

And we got distracted by endlessly ‘new and better’ methods. Sometime, we fool ourselves we are working on our business by doing a ‘research’…an in-depth one.

We study and study more.

It takes a strong character to roll up the sleeves and DO the hard work rather than being entertained.

The person who can quickly apply what have learn is the usually person who can produce result fast.

There are many attendees in the internet seminar who ‘know’ much more than the speaker on stage.

But only the doer (not the listener) is the one who makes money.

#4 – Give value before you get
It is the common concept in the marketing fundamental.

But it is also a bit challenging for the beginners to see what value they can give.

In the past posts, I talked about the importance to off load everything in mind on a paper or a system using the GTD method in my online time management series.

If I started all over again as a beginner, I would immediately develop my step-by-step checklist on any internet marketing activity like article marketing, seo, or video creation.

Use those step-by-step checklists as the content to create article, blog post, video, or podcast to share values with others.

I think that is the basic any beginner can do. And even the ‘gurus’ are doing that in their training like how to setup a WordPress blog and install plugins

If you can develop a simple system to speed up the routine internet marketing task with some personal tricks and tips, people would like to learn that from you.

#5 – Don’t invent but improve
The great business philosopher Peter Drucker said there are two main functions in a business: marketing and innovation.

Innovation does not mean you have to create an unprecedented next generation computer from ground zero. Of course you can do that and gamble with your idea.

But the easier way is to improve the existing service or product which is proven people are already buying by adding a slight edge.

By just improving the existing service or product with a better edge can create phenomenal result.

Apple has beat Microsoft to become the world largest technology company by making the breakthrough iPhone and iPad and generated a windfall of profits.

Many new iPhone users has become an Apple fan and started to use the Mac or Macbook computer.

We don’t have to create a new computer to beat Apple to make money in the market.

If you look at the accessory business that is triggered by the iPhone and iPad phenomenon, you know that making a share in this industry by improving the iPhone and iPad is much easier.

Just go to Amazon and check out those iPhone and iPad accessories, you can see many innovative ideas to improve the product.

Are you going to build your business by adding a slight edge to other people’s service?

One of the quickest way is to create content for your JV partners and invite them to promote your business.

This win-win strategy has been proven to create many success for bloggers even when they just started out.

When I began this blog, I used this proven strategy to promote my business and connect with several top marketers to promote my business.

If you would like to generate fast traffic and sales like I did, check out the proof of my results and model this internet marketing for beginners strategy here.

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