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The Greatest Mistake In Internet Marketing

What is the greatest mistake in Internet Marketing?

There are many mistakes we can make in every conceivable internet marketing process. But I am not talking about that….

“The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one.” – Elbert Hubbard

It is a kind of normal for people to avoid making mistake when learning a new skill or participating a new activity.

Most people are afraid to make a fool of themselves when first learn to sing, dance, speak a new language, or go to a new date.

The same fear applies to learning internet marketing business too.

People are afraid to create the first blog, write the first blog post, create a new product, shoot a new video, or do the first interview. The common factor is fear of making mistake.

Why people are afraid of making mistake?

Childhood conditioning
We have been taught that making mistake is a really bad thing when we were little.

In school, we receive red cross on our marked exam paper to let us know we gave a wrong answer. We are punished and ‘corrected’ by our parents at home when we say something bad. So that is how we learn mistakes are bad!

Criticism and judgment
We are often humiliated by our peers when we make silly mistakes. And in the work environment, we could be blamed by our customers, superiors and colleagues when we make mistake. Our mistake could cost us to lose the job promotion or possibly got fired if the mistake is huge.

Even when no one criticize us, we often judge our behavior and punish ourselves when mistake is made. We become our own judge when no one does.

Financial pain
When we make mistake in a business, we have to spend extra time and money to ‘fix’ the problem. That cut down our resources to capture other business opportunities.

And that means we forgo some other money making opportunities like another affiliate promotion or production launch. Or we could use the money we just lost to invest in another paid advertising to make money. Is it painful when we see that happen?

Here are the great ways to deal with this fear:

Become a scientist
We cannot tell the real result unless we DO IT. In internet marketing, we have to become a mad scientist to TEST, TEST, and TEST more. How many people would open the next email we sent? Test it. Test the subject line. Which subject line will attract more people to open the email. Split test them. Don’t guess.

Like a scientist we DISCOVER what works and what does not. Stick up what works and test some more new methods. Remember we can always IMPROVE the result once we make the first move. Use the first result as a baseline. Test other ways to improve the baseline. That is how progress is made.

Mistake is powerful
In my own experience, every mistake or ‘failure’ is very powerful…if we can learn the valuable lesson from it. For example, at the beginning of my internet marketing venture, I always spend time to ‘research’ or ‘learn’ a new internet skill.

Most of the time, I just surf around the forums, download an ebook, read the guru’s blogs, or read the salesletter. I felt good because I claim to myself I am learning. The true deep down inside is I am avoiding to do the hard work and make mistake.

I was following other people’s marketing plan rather building up my own marketing empire. After I learn this painful lesson(work hard but earn nothing), I put myself into action mood consciously. It is sometime painful to stretch ourselves. But once the momentum is built, bold and exciting result is created one after another.

Hire a mentor
If we want to learn copywriting, hire a copywriting coach. If we want to learn the whole internet marketing business inside out, hire an internet business coach. At first, hiring a mentor seemed so expensive to me. I wanted to ‘figure it out’ in my own way because that cost me less(I thought).

As time went by, the struggling and frustration cost me much more than the investment saved. No only much time is spent, the worry and anxiety are built up to turn my life into a downward spiral. I got insomnia. I was depressed. My internet dream become dime.

In internet marketing, there are so many hype and confusion in product people sell. With a mentor who have gone through those painful lessons and then make the way out, we can learn the real knowledge and walk on the true path that leads us to our goal. The investment is tiny when comparing to the progress we quickly create.

Before Thomas Edison successfully invent the light bulb, he failed more than 10,000 times. We can imagine there are tons of mistakes in the process. Edison just look at them as feedback and move on to test other new solutions.

Look at the recent product launch of iPhone 4. What happened? The bad reception of the antenna almost destroyed Apple’s goodwill. Even the world largest tech company like Apple make this jaw dropping mistake.

“If you have never failed, you have never lived.” – unknown author

Make your life worth living!

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