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Reveal Blockbuster Secrets To Make Internet Marketing Information

People often complain it is hard to create unique internet marketing information on blog.

Yes. If you imagine there is a explosion of information published in the past years, it would be devastating to find something no one wrote before.

When you are about to create internet marketing information with that mindset, you could probably stuck with the mental writing block.

As an internet marketer, I face the same challenge like most people do.

To make unique interesting compelling internet marketing information, I leverage the Hollywood movie secret to get my creative juice going.

In Hollywood, they have the similar challenge to find the big ideas to make a blockbuster movie.

And they have to spend many millions of dollar plus years of preparation in making a movie before the result show up in the box office.

So picking a great movie idea to invest is a big money making secret in Hollywood.

How they come up with an brilliant idea after another in making movie?

It is about putting the innovative wizard in use.

If you look at some of the greatest hits movie in the last couple of years, you will find one common theme in them.

They are the making the old stories with a new refresh view.

By now you may feel like canned.

Look at those recent movies came out from comics books, cartoon, and other old stories.

Why reinvent the wheel?

If you look at every new product or services, it is mostly created by either adding a new feature, subtracting a old feature, change the size or the packaging.

For example, a convertible sport car is a standard car by removing the hard top. Chewing gum are packed in a new pill size rather than the flat strip form.

When make fresh unique internet marketing information, we can mixing the content with a perspective in economics, personal development, accelerated learning, risk management, traditional production, TV show, current news, historical event, your personal event or story…

You see the combination is infinite.

Start making use of the blockbuster secrets to make your internet marketing information as a content or product creation formula now.

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