Most Unheard Internet Marketing Advices

This post goes beyond all the basic and advance internet marketing skills and techniques.

You may find it a bit ‘off’ the usual internet marketing advice you normally hear, but you will find some ‘big’ secrets if you stay with me.

Most of the internet marketing stuff you find from the ‘guru’ are only scratching the surface of a how to create a successful internet business.

You will find most of the internet marketing topic are about revealing ‘latest’ tactics or tools since talking about the fundamental is not a popular topic.

But without a strong fundamental being in place, we could not go very far in our business.

We all know building our business is very similar to building a tower. Without building a strong foundation, the tower would not build very high.

Do you have the business foundation building plan?

With that said, let’s look at one of the very fundamental about why we start online and work so hard on the internet marketing business. Shall we?

Have you asked yourself what would you want to get when you achieve the kind of success you are going after?

I guess one of the thing you would said is "I want to earn the attractive amount of money like the guru, enjoy the internet lifestyle and be HAPPY!"

So I would assume happiness is one of the key target most of us want from our internet maketing business.

We all want happiness. Do you know how to create happiness? And do you know by creating happiness actively, we stand a better chance to create a successful business?

Is there any secret we can ‘manufacture’ happiness along our business building?

Why creating happiness has anything to do with internet marketing?

It is because happiness can help us to build self-esteem which is the fuel we use to handle set back, obstacle, and failure.

Having happiness can boost productivity and creativity so that we can solve business problem faster and easier.

After all, it is one of the main thing we want from our business. Most people believe they would be happy when they are successful.

The fact is we can be happy BEFORE we achieve success in business. And the more we are capable to ‘manufacture’ happiness, the more we are likely to succeed in business.

Now I want to share some insigtful advices with you how to ‘manufacture’ happiness.

These advices are backed by years of scientific research.  If you spend the next few minutes to read the following, you will save yourself many years of effort and get this great discovery about happiness.

Recently when I revisit TED for some insights for personal growth, I discovered the following 2 talks about happiness.

This one talks about how we can develop happinesss easily by doing some special rituals for a few minutes per day.

The other one is by Dan Gilbert who talks about how we manufacture happiness in a very counter-intuitive way. By discovering these happinese ideas from Dan, you will gain the wisdom about creating happiness.

Each of this talk is less than 30 minutes.

But if you follow the tips in these 2 talks, you are going to build strong foundation for your business. And your business can grow much higher because of this new layer of foundation. This is the internet marketing advices most ‘guru’ not passing on easily.

I look forward to see you can transform your business life by spending these minutes to get those wisdom (rather than chasing after the next ‘latest’ internet marketing tactic endlessly and end up with frustration).

These happiness advices are definitely NOT a substitute of any marketing stuff. But they are certainly the powerful steriod to boost everything you are doing.

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