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How To Unlock The Power of Online Video Marketing Tools

If you pay close attention online, you would discover the power of video marketing.

Video marketing is one of the hottest marketing opportunity. And it will grow strong for a long period of time.


In the study of basic human psychology, we know that different type people have his or her own preferred mode to absorb information.

Those modes are called visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Some people like to read words, other people like to listen to the words, and the majority of people like to engage many senses including feelings simultaneously to get the multi-dimensional experience.

Video provides the multi-dimensional experience to people. That is why most people can easily immerse them into watching TV for hours…every day.

The popularity of online video jump to the next level after Google acquired YouTube.

If you step into the shoes of Google, it makes sense to use the existing natural search platform to give more love to YouTube business.

We often see some video thumbnail show up with other regular websites descriptions in natural search result page when we do an universal search.

In some cases on certain long tail keyword phrases, it is possible to dominate the Google page one with the online videos, main website, and other web 2.0 properties.

Now the question is how to do the SEO with video submission more intelligently?

Is there any tricks to help to rank the video on Google page one?

There are some tricks that not many people talk about so far.

There are many video marketing tools like tubemogul or traffic geyser to help you do the submission.

You may be asking "That is?". The answer is "No."

Video Sitemap can help you to turbo charge your online video marketing tools.

If you want to help Google to find your video (either embedded or self-hosted) on your site, you need to submit the video sitemap to Google.

It is because video does not have content rich information like an article with hundreds of words. Google does not really have a clue what is it about your video (side note: Google start to use voice recognition technology to scan the video for clues now).

Want an introduction to Video Sitemaps?

Here is a video from Google Webmaster Help:

To take this advantage, use the official Google Webmasters page info to do the video sitemap submission:

Here before I end this post, I want to share one bonus tips on video marketing.

If you are doing a blog and some kinds of article marketing like me, don’t just leave your writing on the blog or articles directories.

Use your imagination to repurpose the writing content into video.

You can easily create a good video will full of great content.

All you have to do is to turn on the mic in your computer. Use a free audio recording software like Audacity to record your speech by reading the article you have written.

Then use Window Movie Maker to import that audio clip and add some nice pictures into the video. That is a simple way to multiply your online real estate quickly.

If you have many articles or blog post sitting somewhere, pull them out and make the videos.

Submit the videos to multiple video hosting sites using the tools I mention above. You may find some of your submitted videos show up in the natural search result and bring you new traffic to your sites.

Also, it is a quick way to build a good load of quality backlinks to your sites for better SEO.

Do you see how to kill two birds with one stone?

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