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How My Internet Marketing Business Begin

This is the story of a high paid business man who hated his job to his guts and began the internet marketing business.

"The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life." – Buckminster Fuller

Yes, this is the story about me…about how I started my entrepreneurial journey.

If you remember, there was a dot com boom in the business world during the millennium time.

It was pretty like the current online technology boom, but much bigger, faster, and…unrealistic.

I was working in AT&T’s internet business unit in Hong Kong.

Shortly after I was on broad, the business unit got spin off and listed on NASDAQ with a new dot com name.

I was one of those fortunate people who ride that BIG technology wave and earn a lofty sum of money.

The income was so good that I took taxi to go to work everyday.

We had stock options. So we are the shareholders of a promising internet data center company listed on NASDAQ.

Most of the time, we are seating in the office pantry talking about when to cash out with millions and live our dream life.

One time, I was the sales person won a US$3 million datacenter service contract to get Sprint Telecom to sign up with our company.

I won a prize AND cash bonus in a sales contest.

Award Dinner

But then….

The dot com bubble got bursted. We received a one-month notice to leave.

Actually, we expect that when the company filed a Chapter 11 several months ago.

After I packed myself, I entered another global telecom company which lay fiber optics under sea around the world to serve the traditional voice and data market.

Then the similar collapse happened in the telecom sector. The domino effort affected the telecom market triggered by the dot com industry.

The asia operation of that telecom company got down sized.

My quarterly sales commission was even withheld. And I needed to go through the labour tribunal to get my hard earn commission back.

It was brutal.

Anyone worked in that environment would feel the insecurity in the corporate world.

The old cliché "Get good grade at school. Then get a good job. Work hard then we can have a happy life." does not come true for most people in the 21st century.

I am one of those people who believed in that cliché created in the industrial age.

We worked our tail off for the company. But when the management headed the company to the wrong direction, people are laid off cruelly.

Our job survival are at the mercy of another person.

Even when the economy was good, we have to work overtime in the evening, weekend, and holiday.

We have to gossip to go along with the corporate culture…especially in the big company.

Yes, gossip is not just for fun. It is a survival skill.

Something was not right. It just seems something is missing.

The life is not fulfilling.

And if you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know the government and business corporations are pushing the retirement baggage to the individual by setting up the retirement pension plan.

It just a matter of when we have to be fully responsible for our own life.

We can make our conscious choice and be proactive about it today, or…

We can let other people to determine how we live. And we pick up the responsibility to make our life better if we can at where we got drop off

We have a choice.

So I picked the first one.

And that is how I started internet marketing business.

But there is a price always attached to any decision.

Follow that bold decision, I went through several different stages of evolution and breakthrough in my entrepreneurial journey.

#1 – Start The Sail Without A Map…But A Hope

Without seeing a better future in owning my business, I would not risk my life to stop working in the high paid profession.

When I looked at those amazing stories about people who went from rages to riches, the flame just burn inside like pouring some fuel into the fire.

I started to paint my dream with all those goal setting techniques taught by the self help gurus.

I created my 101 goals, the future diary, the movie script, the dream board, the mindmovie…you name it.

And I started to practice the law of attraction by imagining those goals with vivid imagination and positive emotions.

Anything you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. Right?

#2 – Follow The Personal Development Myths

You may be familiar with the following personal development myths.

"As a man thinketh in his heart so he is."

"Change your mind, change your life."

"You need the positive mental altitude to succeed."

"Tough time never last, but tough man does"

"You are what you think."

After read two classic self help books "Think and Grow Rich" and "Rich Dad Poor Dad", I drown myself with those books, audio, and seminars.

I was hungry for more wisdom from the riches.

Once, I joined the Enlightened Millionaire Institute founded by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen.

I discovered I am the first protégé in the institute from Asia when I attend their Wealth Retreat in L.A.(2004)

Even I travelled to Vancouver to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar(2006).

I brain washed myself with those self help material everyday because that was the only way for me to learn from the success people.

And that was how I picked up the names of other marketing gurus like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and T. Harv Eker.

If I persistent enough, keep brain washing myself, and do what the riches do; I would become one of them…one day.

Isn’t that the personal development myth?

#3 – Become Overwhelmed And Frustrated

After building several business ventures in nothing down real-estate, house cleaning business, and magazine publishing without getting rich; I started a new venture…my internet marketing business.

At first I am super charged with those marketing hype many internet marketers are selling in their salesletters.

"You can earn a million dollar at the comfort of your home."

"You earn money while you sleep."

"If you can type, you can do this business."

"Even a high school drop out can earn a six figure income!"

"People is earning $xxxx a day."

"If I can do it, you can do it."

Everyone is selling a hope and the missing secret.

If you buy the product and do like what they said, you can get the internet lifestyle like they do.

Any these are the missing secret you must have: SEO, list building, article marketing, video marketing, social media, joint venture, PPC, viral marketing, tele-seminar, and so on…

And my situation started to get worst by studying and following massive amount of strategies and knowledge.

The more I learn about internet marketing, the more I feel like I don’t know "enough".

As soon as I felt it is tough to make one strategy to work, I would pick up another "easier" secret to work on.

So the cycle of new hope, get overwhelmed, and then become frustrated never end.

I felt that I am Haw in story "Who moved my cheese?"

I started to worry about this entrepreneurial sail.

My little voice inside questions about my decision to pursue my dream.

My desire wear off.

Am I doing the right thing?

But it is always the darkest time before sun rise.

#4 – Gain New Insights And Momentum

Let life becomes our teacher.

I find out my pain is a great teacher to teach me a lesson.

There is so much value in the adversity and devastation.

In fact, the more adversities I overcome, the more wisdom I gain each time without exception.

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit." – Napoleon Hill

Just don’t quit.

It is painful to go outside our comfort zone.

Most people would go back to where they feel comfort (by their conditioning).

In the book "Release your brakes" James Newsman said: "Try to drive your life with negative emotions is like try to drive a car with a break on."

The negative emotions are telling us that we have resistance(i.e. limiting belief) inside to perform what we want to achieve.

It is a good sign we grow. But we must deal with those negative emotions in order to release the brakes and get result fast.

If you have doubt and worry about doing internet marketing business, you probably have some kinds of judge or victim viewpoint that you do not deserve the success you want.

The insight I got is "There is no failure."

Every so called "failure" is simply a tested result.

If you read the classic marketing book "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins, we have to test everything in marketing.

We have to test headline, salesletter, benefits, offer, guarantee, and so forth.

So I learn that if I have not got the result I desire(so called "failure"), I just have to test some more.

I was so caught up with the term "failure". I was so afraid to make mistake. I hated to see "failure".

And when I receive "failure", I would beat up myself.

I was eager for being "right" and "successful".

That has a lot to do with childhood conditioning that we have to do things "right".

If we make mistake, we receive punishment and criticism.

But when I am immune with the idea of "failure", my life get a new momentum.

#5 – Breakthrough To Success

Once I learn that lesson in failure, I soar to test many different strategies in my internet marketing business.

I become a fanatic about testing.

Here is how I breakthrough my business.

If my goal is to test a strategy, I fail only if I do not perform the test.

(I want you to read this sentence again to discover a simple truth in marketing that can help you to create success continuously)

And I keep doing what is working, drop those don’t and then test some more.

I know if I keep follow those "free advice" floating around the internet, I would bang my head into walls again.

It is because those advices are useful but incomplete.

So the smartest way is to find someone who have done what I want to achieve.

It is because he or she has probably tested many many ideas before getting the result.

I do whatever it takes to get connect to that person.

After tested many marketing ideas handed personally by the person who know the business inside out, I finally figure out how to get free targeted buying traffic to my blog and create sales.

You can do the same by leveraging my free blog traffic system.

If you would like to see my test result and generate fast traffic and then sales to your internet marketing business, you can get this free blog traffic system here at no risk.

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