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Email Marketing Tips That Changed My Life

Here’s an email marketing tip that can double…or even triple your business.

There are hundreds of media groping for our attention. Everyone is bombarded by newspaper, radio, magazine, TV, and billboard ads.

What about those online ‘attention vampires’ like blog, email newsletter, Youtube, Facebook, podcast, Myspace, MSN, Twitter, or forums? If you want to get someone’s attention, you have to fight with hundreds of those media.

If you are doing email marketing, you have to know how to get your reader’s attention.

Your email subject is THE weapon to get your reader attention in your email marketing.

Your reader spends only a fraction of a second on your email subject line.

No matter how good your email message is, a bad subject line would kill your email campaign in the light of speed after the send button is pressed.

Here are the tips in crafting your VERY attention-grabbing email subject line.

Tip #1: Induce curiosity in the email subject line

Don’t tell exactly what the main message us in your email body. Create a short yet interesting subject line to make your reader to wonder what on earth are you talking about.

For example, one of the most powerful subject line you always see: THANK YOU! It immediately grab the reader attention to wonder WHY the sender want to thank him/her. After all, if you read How To Win Friends and Influence, you know people always seeking appreciation. Remember to make all capital letters so that it stands from all other email subjects.

Tip #2: Add a Re: in front of your email subject

For example, Re: here it is. The “Re:” really make it differentiate from other wording. And the reader wants to figure out if this is a reply from the other sender. The reader would think β€œIs it something I have to reply too?”

Keep in mind. The main goal is to motivate people just to OPEN the email. That is it!


Not long ago, I read about a very interesting story. This story is from the legendary marketer Dan Kennedy.

One day, Dan was staying at his home office for work as usual. Since he was wearing so many business hats like copywriter, professional speaker, marketing consultant, and book writer; he had trained himself very well to laser focus on whatever he was working at the moment. He ignored and blocked all the distraction in his surrounding.

Suddenly he heard a very violent knocking at his kitchen side door. Well he was a bit annoyed by this uninformed interruption. So he got up from his desk and went to check out who was stopping him to make his next fortune. It turned that his backyard was on fire.

His neighbor was alerting him to save his house and of course his life too. If not that neighbor made his BEST EFFORT to get Dan’s attention, it would turn out into a very different story to Dan…perhaps a miserable one.

As the marketers, we are responsible to act like that thoughtful neighbor. We have to find out how to get people’s attention. Tell them what they are missing in their lives perhaps because they are too busy and neglected. And we sincerely provide to them what product or service that would make their lives much better off.

Think about how to do good to other people lives and to get their attention with your next marketing effort.

If you would like to know how to get your market’s attention and change their lives for better, check out this unique list building product.

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