Close Down Free Internet Marketing Trainings

This is not the hokey pokey.

Some major free trainings are being closed down…forever.

But you still have a chance to get them free and no string attached.

Today, I share with you an important place most people overlook online when they have to find valuable free training.

That MOST overlooked place is Google Video.

You can save thousands of dollar in your personal and business development trainings by digging out some world class full length mind blown No B.S. trainings there.

Are you already feeling the urge to dig out your gems there by now?

How Google Video work

First, it is a video search engine to help us finding videos among various video sharing sites like viddler, metacafe, and etc.

Second, it is a video hosting site. And it is the primary site for Google to host video before acquiring YouTube in 2006.

The bad news is Google Video will discontinue its playback function on Apr 29th (but still keep the search function there).

How does that impact your life?

You can NEVER leverage thousands of valuable trainings and seminars again after.

However, you still have your LAST CHANCE to get everything you can out of it.

With some simple search, I found the first internet marketing seminar back in 1994 by Ken McCarthy.

And there are many vital inner game trainings like Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and similar by Anthony Robbins. (I know those voo voo trainings may not be for everyone.)

Without further waiting…

Let me show you a few tips how to harness the power at Google Video site and add those powerful videos into your personal library.

First, open your Firefox or Chrome browser (any browser with quick tab feature is good to do the job) and enter

Search for your favorite internet marketing and personal development subjects.

Say you typed in "internet marketing" and start the search.

At the left hand side panel, select "long (20+mins)" and focus on those long videos.

And select the video source as "" (you don’t have to worry about other sources because they are fine for now).

You will see a list of lengthy trainings, and some of them is one to two hours long.

Pick the one you want to download

Then right click the video title to get the video link address.

Open anther tab in the browser and go to

Paste that copied video link address into KeepVid and hit download.

Wait for a few seconds, KeepVid will provide you a download link to save that video into your personal library.

The is how you can enjoy those free training again and again as you need in the future.

I use Media Player Classic with K-Lite codec pack to watch all downloaded videos because it has the simple play / pause function by just pressing the spacebar.

And if you need to speed up your learning when consuming the training, you can check out the internet marketing insider weapons.

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