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5 Unforgettable Rules of Email Marketing

Do you have any rules to build the good relationship with your readers?

To build a good relationship with your readers online will take a bit time. It just like you did with your friends and colleagues.

With sticking with these 5 rules, you can have your reader to know, like, and trust you, the process to build a good relationship.

Rule #1 – Write as if you are talking
Use short form like ‘I’d’ instead of ‘I would’. The conversational type message is more inviting to read than a literature. Use simple sentence that 12 years old can understand. Don’t put complex vocabulary people hard to understand.

Rule #2 – Create valuable content

Create content that is so valuable that you would like to sell on the market. But use them as the free content. By giving people valuable free tips and advices that they can apply and get immediate result is the fastest way to build trust. They trust you know what you are talking about by getting the proof. It also has the word of mouth advertising effect.

Rule #3 – Show your character
Sigmund Freud once said “Character is destiny”. Build a magnetic character can help you to attract a tribe of followers. If you know Frank Kern, he positions himself in the market as a cool, easy-going, funny guy who teaches you how to make money online. Start thinking about and build a strong character for your market to perceive.

Rule #4 – Be human and be honest
After all, we are talking to a crowd of human being. Don’t differentiate yourself as a god-like person. Tell your readers that you made mistake in the past….but also tell them what you have learn. Tell your readers you have failures…but you overcome them.
And don’t be afraid to tell the truth that you had desire to make money from them…by GIVING valuable solution to solve their problems.

Rule #5 – Have your own opinion
It is a fact that you can’t please everyone on earth. Someone will like you and just others don’t. When you have your own opinion, you will receive critics. It is inevitable. Stand strong with what you say when you mean it. Soon you will develop a group of audience who like you as a friend.

As a Congressional candidate, Abraham Lincoln had a lots of opponent. How did he get people’s trust and to be elected as the U.S. president? This story may give you some hints. When Stephen Douglas accused Lincoln of being “two faced” and humiliated him in front of a crowd. Lincoln shot back, “If I really had two faces, do you think I’d hide behind this one?” By laughing at him, he used humor to turn away the offensive attack. Lincoln won a lots of people’s heart because he knew how to be human.

You can use the simple technique to build a great relationship with your prospects and customers. The key is to engage a continuous life long communication with your audience. How can you do that? It is very SIMPLE. If you would like to find out how to build and create a huge list quickly using a special human relationship building technique click here .

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2 Responses to “5 Unforgettable Rules of Email Marketing”

  1. Robin Spano Says:

    Good advice. I especially like the emphasis on character and providing something of value.

  2. Frank Lee Says:

    Robin, thanks for your cool comment!

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