3 Unusual Free Online Marketing Tools in 2011

I have been quiet in the past 2 months because I have been seriously affected by the latest changes in internet marketing…in a positive way.

I am running with more internet marketing projects than ever. That is good but I feel guilty for not sharing with you enough in these 2 months.

Do you know the ebook sales in Amazon UK is out bidding the physical book sales?

Do you know than 300,000 iPhone Apps and 60,000 iPad Apps are created?

Living in this golden age online, I found more business opportunities that are popped up in front of my eyes…almost everyday.

I apologize I have been busy to catch a breath in the past months and not able to share my latest discovery in internet marketing with you.

As a free gift to my subscribers, today I share some of the lasted free online marketing tools in 2011.

#1 – Google WebFonts

Recently Google has created a resources page for helping people to get attention grabbing fonts:


If you created some forms of online advertising before, you know it is a time consuming chore to find some outstanding fonts to get your prospect’s attention.

People said if you don’t get your reader’s attention in 6 seconds then they leave you…possibly forever.

When you create a banner ad at your blog or a salesletter, you always need to find some good looking fonts.

You may already realize the handwritten fonts always grab people’s attention.

Next time when you design your blog header image or a killer banner for testing your PPC ad placement, you can easily create half a dozen powerful design without hiring a designer.

#2 – Pencil Project

Second unusual free online marketing tool that you may missed out is:


Imagine you have been buried by tons of different online marketing tasks everyday. And you now have an idea to organize the tasks and put the process in a visual flow chart format.

Most people would prefer a visual aid on building a work process flow chart because it is more easy to understand and remember.

Ant it is more easy to share the ideas with outsourcing workers collaboratively online.

I know there are many free tools on creating a work process flow chart, but Pencil is one of the latest tools in this area. It can also help people to design a powerful web site.

#3 – Toodledo

Third tools is a powerful productivity tools that is a perfect companion to organize the busy life of an internet marketer with tons of new ideas, notes, to-do tasks, and projects.


Toodledo can let you not only keep ALL your valuable ideas in a single system. Also it can help you to share projects with other people.

Most online collaborative tools will charge you for a fee when you have 2 ore more users to access your project.

Check out the Feature Comparison on their site. And you will be shocked they keep it free when its features are more powerful other competitors.

Lastly do you know Google has created another Panda update recently?

Many scraper sites have been dropped out from the search engine index.

People are scamming with tears on how to stay up in the SEO game.

This recent update by Google is just one of the many major changes on their algorithm in the past several years.

The only people get shocked are those people who does not have a clear mission to build valuable unique content. They try to game the Google system.

To get your site to the top ranking, you need to know your market well(you know their problem even better than your prospects). And you create valuable unique content that your readers love to read.

This natural process can attract tons of real people to visit your blog or website to read your content. And they share out with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

This has not been change in the past several years. And most savvy marketers agree it would be the vital rule to stay for another very long period of time.

Don’t just write content for your own blog or site, you can always write content on other sites and build your SEO foundation much stronger.

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