10 Best Internet Marketing Audio Recording & Editing Tools


In internet marketing, you may have already heard "Content is king".

Content marketing a powerful way to reach your audience and attractive them to join your list then become your customers.

The more valuable content you can publish on the internet to educate buyers and develop a long term relationship with them, the more income you can generate.

When comes to create more high quality content, re-purpose your existing valuable content is one of the fastest way to expand your online coverage in lightening speed.

Do you have a blog with valuable blog posts sitting?

Do you have PLR located somewhere in your hard drive?

Do you know someone in your niche to do interview?

You can use the audio recording & editing tools to create powerful content to syndicate to hundreds of Podcast sites and other audio hosting sites

Most of the audio recording & editing tools I recommend here are free (or very cheap) and very easy to use. I include some premium tools for the fanatic too :-)

Tool #1 - Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone ($91)

This is one of the most recommended microphones in the internet marketing community. It is very small and looks professional with studio-quality articulation and intelligibility. The benefit of using  a studio quality USB mic to record our audio content is getting the radio-show like sounds quality without giving out the amateur impression.

Tool #2 - Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone ($149)

Another highly recommended studio quality USB microphone I see in the internet marketing crowd. This is more for the fanatic who looks for the high end THX-certified standard. It also comes with four different pattern modes for versatile recording. But I don’t recommend you to use this one mic UNLESS you already have a good steady income from your internet marketing business.

Tool #3 - Logitech USB Desktop Microphone ($19.54)

This is the low-price USB microphone I found at Amazon. I have not tried this one. But if you would like to invest a small amount of money to get a decent quality microphone, you can test out this Logitech USB mic. Avoid using the standard 3.5mm audio mic to record your audio content if possible. You can easily improve the quality of your work by investing less than $20.

Tool #4 - Audacity (Free)

Most internet marketer mention this free open source audio recording tool. I use it very often to repurpose my blog content. It is simple to use just by pressing the recording button. But when you screw up the recording and do another one, you have to press the "mute" button on the previous recorded audio clip to avoid the sound out. It will takes you a while to handle it but the learning curve is still short.


Tool #5 - Vocaroo (Free 1-click audio recording online tool without software installation)

I like this online audio recording tool because it is always ready to use when I go to the site: vocaroo.com/ . I don’t have to install the software or learn how to use it. All it takes to do the recording is 1-click. The second benefit of this online tool is I can share out the recorded audio clip online with other people. It is very useful if you want to share it with your helper or outsourced worker to handle the post recording work like adding the background music and uploading to other Podcast or audio hosting sites for you.

Tool #6 - Free Audio Editor

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